Hungarian bookstore fined for selling "Heartstopper" without packaging

A bookstore in the Hungarian capital, Budapest, is being fined because the popular LGBT+ comic book "Heartstopper" was not packaged in plastic. This is mandatory in the country because otherwise children could come into contact with homosexuality in the store. According to the Orbán government, children need to be protected against it.
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The fine is based on a controversial "homosexual propaganda" law from 2021, which received a lot of criticism within the European Union. Due to this propaganda law, books that include homosexuality should not be opened in the store itself in order to "protect children."

The bookstore, Lira Kiskereskedelmi Kft., sold "Heartstopper" by author Alice Oseman in the children's books section. The story is about gay teenagers falling in love with each other. The book was not packaged in plastic, resulting in the bookstore having to pay a fine of approximately 32,000 euros. 

This is not the first time a bookstore has been fined based on the propaganda law. A bookstore chain was also fined for not packaging a book that featured a character with two gay parents.

Due to the propaganda law, the European Commission has initiated infringement proceedings against Hungary, requiring the country to justify its actions before the European Court. A large number of member states, including the Netherlands and Belgium, support this lawsuit.

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