OUTtv Pro is your lifestyle on demand! 

 The brand new OUTtv PRO video on demand subscription-based service is your gateway to the best LGBTI+ series, films, documentaries, reality programs, concerts, TV shows and OUT originals. 


Wherever your may be, whenever you want. We frequently add new content meaning you're just a login away from discovering your brand new favourite show or film. For a monthly fee you can watch an unlimited amount of series, films, documentaries and more, without advertisements. 

  • More than 650 hours worth of films/series
  • No pesky advertisements
  • Watch anytime, anywhere!
  • For the community, by the community
  • 100% fast, secure and private
  • Cancel your subscription at any time, no biggie!

Are you ready for 650 hours worth of films and series?

Subscribing to OUTtv Pro is easy-peasy! You are a couple of simple steps away from watching OUTtv Pro content whenever you want, wherever you want. Cancelling your subscription is just as easy, by the way. 

1. Choose

Select the subscription period

2. Register

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You're all set! Just sit back and enjoy :-)

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What is OUTtv Pro? arrow down

OUTtv Pro is your lifestyle on demand. The brand new OUTtv Pro video on demand web app is your gateway to the best LGBT series, films, documentaries, reality shows, shorts and specials. Wherever you are, whenever you want. OUTtv Pro frequently adds new content meaning you’re just a login away from discovering your brand new favourite show or film. For a monthly fee you can watch unlimited amount of series, films, documentaries and more, without advertisements.

On what devices can I watch OUTtv Pro? arrow down

You can watch OUTtv Pro on almost every (modern) device, as long as you have an internet connection. You can use OUTtv Pro on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop. It is even possible to cast OUTtv Pro to your television screen using Google Chromecast with an Android device or Apple (TV) Airplay with an iPhone. Please note that it’s not always possible to combine a casting device which doesn’t run on the same operating system as your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Can I watch OUTtv Pro on my television? arrow down

Yes, you can! All you need is a casting device, for example, Google Chromecast or Apple (TV) Airplay. We are currently developing a version of OUTtv Pro specifically for smart tv’s, and we will let you know when this version is ready to launch.

Can I watch OUTtv Pro in HD? arrow down

All OUTtv Pro videos are available in HD picture quality. The image quality is always dependent on the speed of your internet connection. If the quality of the connection deteriorates, the video player automatically switches to a lower quality. The audio is stereo sound.

Can I download content or watch offline? arrow down

Sadly not. Or at least, not yet! OUTtv Pro is a web app, meaning you always need an internet connection to watch your favourite videos. We are currently working on adding these possibilities to our service and we will let you know as soon as they’re ready.

Netflix also has LGBT content, what is the difference between the two? arrow down

OUTtv Pro has a very large database containing over 650 hours’ worth of LGBTI films, series, documentaries and reality shows. Netflix has a lot less titles focused on the LGBTI community. In addition to that, OUTtv has partnerships with LGBTI film festivals around the globe. At these exclusive screenings OUTtv carefully selects up and coming films and documentaries, providing you with the newest content. Pretty cool, right?

How does OUTtv Pro’s registration and billing work? arrow down

Registration and subscribing is really easy! After you have selected the subscription period, you are asked to make an account. Select your preferred payment method and you're on your way! Besides a fast and secure registration, we also make it possible to register and pay anonymously to ensure total privacy for you as a user.

I already receive the OUTtv television channel through my provider. Why do I still have to pay to use OUTtv Pro? arrow down

If you receive the OUTtv channel through your provider, that doesn’t automatically give you an account for OUTtv Pro. OUTtv Pro is an on demand web app that gives you access to more than 650 titles, whenever you want, wherever you want. This is a different service than the television channel, as we provide you with the opportunity to re-watch your shows you missed on tv.

How do I cancel my subscription? arrow down

We would be sad to see you go, but cancelling your subscription is easy-peasy. Simply log in to your account, head over to your profile and click ‘cancel my subscription’. After cancelling you will receive a conformation email. You can still use the app until the end of your subscription period. Your account won’t automatically be deleted meaning you can login to your account whenever you want.