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Icon 25-05-2024

Gay Bucket List Challenge

Luis' best friends Craig and Alejandro are coming to visit him in Madrid in the summer of 2016. They are followed throughout the summer by Luis’s film crew. They come up with the idea of doing a bucket list challenge, in which they have to complete all three, four assignments. And sometimes that is a true test.


A Dice With 5 Sides

The first date between Marcello and Herman turns into a game in which every action is dictated by rolling a mystical dice. A powerful feeling begins to arise between the two, but how long can a relationship entirely based on fate last?



17 year old Manja lives in a flat building in the outskirts of a city. One day, the rebellious Louk literally falls into her arms durig her flight for hunters in the forest. This is the beginning of their first great love. No lies, no traces, no fear, is Louk’s philosophy. Manja follows her in silent dedication. But when Manja discovers that behind Louk’s idealism lies a deep wound caused by the loss of her mother, she helps her to let go of the past – and herself.