Pride in Tbilisi attacked by counter protesters

A Pride event in the Georgian capital Tbilisi has been attacked by participants of an "anti-sodomy march". Rainbow flags have been set on fire by them. The organisation blames the police for facilitating the counter-demonstration.
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Pride in Georgia is an annual battleground for the local LGBT+ community against conservative activists who do not shy away from violence.

As opposed to 2021, there were no injuries this year. Those present however, speak of a threatening situation. The Pride event was immediately cancelled.

The attack has sparked international outrage. The Dutch ambassador Maaike van Kooldam is "deeply disappointed" and calls for the attackers to be tracked down and brought to justice. The Danish ambassador Anne Toft Sørensen emphasises that the EU is a community of countries that "respect the fundamental rights of its citizens". The violence around Tbilisi Pride is not included, Sørensen believes. The US also calls the attack "undemocratic" and hopes for prosecution.

The organisation of Tbilisi Pride points the finger at the government. “I am sure this was a planned action coordinated between radical groups and the government. We believe this was planned to sabotage Georgia's EU candidacy," organiser Mariam Kvaratskhelia told Reuters news agency. That she points to the authorities is because of the current position of the Georgian government. Although the country wants to officially join the EU, Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili's cabinet opts for a more autocratic policy. The Orthodox Church in the country is calling for a copy of Russia's gay propaganda law.

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