Trump Enlists Wife Melania for LGBT+ Campaign

Donald Trump has launched a charm offensive to win over the LGBT+ community for his campaign. The former US president, who in his early days as president barred trans persons from the military, has put forward his wife Melania to capture the hearts of American queers.
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Trump's first step in his campaign targeting the LGBT+ community was a fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans, a conservative LGBT+ club associated with the Republican Party, at Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf resort. Among those present was trans woman and former athlete Caitlin Jenner. Jenner frequently incites the anger of the American LGBT+ community because she opposes same-sex marriage and transgender education for youth.

The organisers of the fundraiser informed ABC News that around one million dollars were raised to launch a campaign targeting the LGBT+ community in key states. Additionally, new events with the former First Lady are reportedly planned.

This isn't the first time Melania Trump has addressed the LGBT+ community. Four years ago, she emphasised that her husband is not as anti-LGBT+ as his opponents claim. "I was shocked to learn that people with a lot of power are trying to portray my husband as anti-gay," she said in a video message.

"Trump Pride" events were also held during the 2020 campaign. On one of these evenings, daughter Tiffany Trump showed up, after which many mocked her. Critics likened her to "a straight girl in a gay bar."

However, despite Trump's personally ambiguous stance on LGBT+ emancipation, he did not leave the most convincing legacy of his four presidential years. The pursuit of so-called "religious freedom" took centre stage during those years. This means that someone has the right to refuse service to individuals on religious grounds if they do not identify as cisgender or if they are in a same-sex relationship. The Trump administration scaled back research on HIV/AIDS medications, sought ways to discriminate against LGBT+ individuals in the workplace, appointed a homophobic judge to the Supreme Court, supported an anti-transgender group in a lawsuit, and allowed discrimination in adoption and foster care. In 2023, Trump launched an attack on the transgender community, accusing Democrats of "mutilating children."

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