Republican congressman fiercely against drag, used to perform as “Kitara Ravache”

He turns out to be lying about everything, his education, work experience, ethnicity and even the charities he supports: gay Republican congressman George Santos. Another scandal has erupted. Santos presents himself as a conservative homosexual: he is against teaching children about LGBT+ people, which he calls "grooming children". Moreover, his party is against drag queens. But as it turns out, Santos himself used to perform in heels and a wig as “Kitara Ravache” in the gay bars of Rio de Janeiro.
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The news was brought out by a drag queen from Rio who knew Santos from the time he lived in the Brazilian metropolis. There Santos was anything but an exemplary conservative homosexual who fits into the heteronormative world. Queen Eula Rorard had a photo with Santos' drag character "Kitara Ravache" and shared it with freelance journalist Marisa Kabas.

In the interview, Eula shares the tea about Santos' drag career, which never really got off the ground. “He did not have what it takes to be a professional. George did not have the glamour for that,” said Eula. She met Santos when he was around 16 to 17 years old. “He used to hang out in my house while his mom was playing Bingo.”

Santos himself denies being a drag queen. “The most recent obsession from the media claiming that I am a drag Queen or “performed” as a drag Queen is categorically false. The media continues to make outrageous claims about my life while I am working to deliver results. I will not be distracted nor fazed by this.

Congressman Santos has been under fire for several weeks since the New York Times revealed that half his resume was a lie. He lied about his education and his work experience. Since then, more and more lies have been revealed. For example, he claimed that his mother died on 9/11, which turned out to be untrue. The fact that he is Jewish and that his family fled Germany for fear of the Nazis also turned out to be a lie. He later admitted to not being Jewish, but ‘Jew-ish’.

So far, Santos does not seem to want to give up his seat in the House of Representatives. Moreover, his party does not seem to be pushing him into making this choice. American media attributes this to the fact that Santos supports House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He was elected to that position with a slim majority and a re-election in the district where Santos was elected could result in the Republicans having to relinquish their seat to a Democrat.

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