Anti-LGBT party wins big in Polish elections once again

The conservative and current ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) has won the general elections in Poland again, say exit polls. During the campaign, PiS repeatedly used anti-LGBT rhetoric, calling queer people a “threat”.
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The party profiled itself as a preserver of “traditional family values”. During the campaign, stickers with ‘LGBT free zone’ were spread, pride events were attacked and LGBT’s were called a “threat for the European continent”.  

Exit polls show a major victory for PiS. With 43,6% of the votes, they are able to get a majority of the seats in the Polish House of Commons. The opposition party Civic Platform, the party of EU-president Donald Tusk, gained 27% of the votes, which leaves them far behind PiS.

The Left Coalition ended third with 12,4% of the votes. One of the coalition’s leaders, the openly homosexual Robert Biedroń, was euphoric. "We are returning to parliament. We are going back to where the Polish left has always belonged,” the lawmaker said, according to the BBC. In the previous election, the Left Coalition did not make it into the parliament.

With a continuation of a majority for PiS, the party can continue its programme. Due to the rhetoric during the election campaign, a change in the LGBT mentality is not likely to occur.

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