Ugandan gay rights activist murdered in his own house

Ugandan gay rights activist Wasswa John has passed away in the hospital, after being severely wounded with a machete and a hoe. The Children of the Sun Foundation (COSF), where John was working, shared the news of his death this Saturday.
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John was said to be attacked by unidentified locals, who left his house right after the attack. Johnson’s head and neck were pierced during the onslaught.

The COSF told the German newspaper Bild that “it is a sad moment for the LGBT community in Uganda.” COSF is a Ugandan organisation that supports LGBT+ people and sex workers. They expressed their grief on their Facebook page.

Homosexuality is still illegal in the African country. The Ugandan minister of Security called homosexual people “terrorists” earlier last week. While the victim was in the hospital, his family did not come to visit him. Bild writes that they ostracized him after finding out about his sexuality. They will not be present at his funeral either.

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