Trump opens attack on trans people: ''stop mutilating our children''

If Donald Trump is re-elected, his administration will abolish legal recognition of trans people. Doctors and other professionals who help transgender minors must be prosecuted and information campaigns about trans people must be stopped. With this, Trump wants to "protect" children from "left-wing gender insanity".
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In an almost four-minute video, Trump wastes no time in bashing Biden's transgender policy. Words like "cruel" and "ridiculous" are thrown around entirely in the style of Trump.

Trump proposes to introduce a law banning the "mutilation of children". He also plans to make it possible to sue doctors who have performed gender confirmation surgery on minors. School staff who tell children that they may have been born in the wrong body should also be dealt with, according to the former president.

In addition, Trump wants to investigate whether pharmaceutical companies cover up side effects of transgender care in order to make a profit, "at the expense of vulnerable patients ".

According to Trump, there has been no such thing as being transgender in all of human history. "It was all when the radical left invented it, just a few years ago". That is why, according to him, there should be a law that establishes that there are only two genders (man and woman) and that this is already determined at birth.

Trump has never been a supporter of trans rights. During his presidency, he banned trans people from serving in the US military. Still, these statements are an escalation in his anti-transgender rhetoric as he bids to be re-elected president. His biggest potential opponent Governor Ron DeSantis is known for his fight against LGBT+ education, which inspires many other Republicans.

Now Trump is doing his part and thus surpassing many of his party colleagues in terms of rhetoric.

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