Trans Men Register for Miss Italy in Protest Against "Born Woman" Rule

More than 100 trans men have registered for Miss Italy after the organisation announced that only "women at birth" would be allowed to participate. The trans men see their registration as a protest against what they view as a transphobic measure.
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The rule was announced by the patroness of the Italian beauty pageant, Patrizia Mirigliani. She believes it is "absurd" for trans women to be allowed to compete. This statement was directed at trans woman Rikkie Kollé, who won this year's Miss Netherlands pageant. Consequently, the Miss Italy organisation now only permits individuals who were assigned female at birth.

In response, transgender men saw an opportunity to protest against this rule and stand up for the rights of transgender women who are disadvantaged by it. Federico Barbarossa told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the action is a "reflection" on the "absurdity of the logic" used to exclude trans women.

Numerous Italian trans men have shared their registration on social media, even using their deadnames to reinforce the message.

"People imagine us as three-headed monsters who could never aspire to win a beauty contest, as media representation often highlights stories that fetishize our bodies," says Barbarossa. "With this campaign, we are bringing visibility to the real reality of transgender individuals."

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