The five people killed in the Colorado Springs shooting

Last Saturday night, November 19, the queer nightclub Q in Colorado Springs was attacked by a gunman. This senseless tragedy resulted in five deaths and several injuries. Read more about the late Daniel Davis Aston, Derrick Rump, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh and Raymond Green Vance here.
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Daniel Davis Aston (he/him)

Daniel, 28, was a bar supervisor at Club Q. Colleagues describe him as the best supervisor anyone could wish for because of his positive and enthusiastic spirit. He moved to Colorado Springs two years ago to live closer to his parents. At the age of four, Daniel told his mother he was a boy, about a decade before he came out as transgender. Although he described himself as shy, friends and family say he was anything but. He was creative, passionate and loved to entertain people.


Derrick Rump (he/him)

Derrick was a bartender at Club Q, where he found a community of people he loved deeply. According to his sister, he felt he could shine there, which he did. If you heard a Britney Spears song playing when you entered the club, you knew right away that Derrick was behind the bar. Together he and colleague Daniel Aston were seen as the beating heart of Club Q. Furthermore, his friends describe Derrick as an endearingly sassy and extremely honest young man with the most loving intentions.


Kelly Loving (she/her)

Kelly (40) is described by her sister as extremely selfless. She was a caring woman who always put others first. "She was such a beautiful trans woman," says a good friend of Kelly. "She could be intimidating because she was so gorgeous. But she was the exact opposite. She was warm, welcoming, and she took me under her wing."


Ashley Paugh (she/her)

Ashley, 35, was wrapping up a day trip in Colorado Springs with what was supposed to be a fun night at Club Q. According to her sister, Ashley was extremely devoted to her family, especially her 11-year-old daughter.


Raymond Green Vance (he/him)

22-year-old Raymond was visiting Club Q for the first time with his girlfriend and, among others, her parents. He is described by those close to him as a kind, gifted and selfless young man. He spent most of his free time with his girlfriend, whom he had been with since high school. He also played video games and hoped to make an online career out of it. Above all, his mother wants Raymond to be remembered as a "tall, handsome, gentle giant".


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