Nigerian Authorities Arrest 76 People at a Gay Person’s Birthday Party

In Nigeria, authorities have apprehended 76 people who were attending a gay person’s birthday party. According to the authorities, the gathering was attended by "homosexuals and pimps." The arrest comes two months after the authorities arrested over 60 attendees at a same-sex wedding ceremony.
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The authorities have reported that among those arrested, there are 17 women. Of the 59 men, 21 have admitted to being homosexual. The authorities believe that a wedding ceremony was also intended to take place at the party. Same-sex marriage is illegal in Nigeria.

Mass Arrests

This is not the first instance of mass arrests of homosexuals at a private event in Nigeria. At the end of August, security forces disrupted a secret same-sex wedding ceremony with more than 200 guests. Over 60 of them were arrested.

Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, and being a member of an organisation advocating for LGBT+ rights is also prohibited. Individuals who violate these laws can face up to fourteen years of imprisonment. According to various studies, more than ninety percent of the Nigerian population does not accept homosexuality.

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