Malaysian State Develops "Rehab Clinic" for Homosexual Individuals

A Malaysian state is in the process of establishing a "rehabilitation centre" where homosexual individuals can "recover" from their "addiction." Malaysian LGBT+ activists accuse the state of engaging in torture practices.
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The clinic is an initiative of the authorities in the state of Johor. The chairman of the committee for Islamic-religious affairs announced in the state parliament that almost 80,000 euros would be allocated for the project. The goal is to steer homosexuals back "onto the right path" and "purify their faith." The centre will also accommodate individuals who do not adhere to the official state religion.

According to the chairman of the Islamic committee, the centre will be "the first of its kind in the country," and it is intended to open in July next year.

LGBT+ organisation Justice for Sisters (JfS) strongly opposes the state's plans, labelling the detox centres as "unconstitutional." This is because they go against the right to personal freedom and dignity, and they are seen as violating multiple human rights treaties. Thilaga Sulathireh, co-founder of JfS, states, "Detaining someone to change their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression is unquestionably a form of torture."

The situation for LGBT+ individuals in Malaysia is dire. Malaysia operates with two legal systems: civil law and Sharia law. Homosexuality is illegal in both systems. In recent years, homosexual men and women have been punished with caning. The government has also developed an app claiming to "cure" homosexuality.

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