M&M's abolish "woke" mascots after conservative criticism

The famous M&M mascots, those with arms, legs and big eyes, are retiring. The company had just changed the characters to be more inclusive. After a persistent media campaign by FOX News in particular, the chocolate manufacturer is now stopping the "too woke" mascots.
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The company announced this on Instagram. Conservative media has recently gone wild with every change in the appearance of the mascots. When the green M&M traded in its heels for sneakers, the company was ridiculed in Tucker Carlson Tonight on FOX News, among others. "Could she be a lesbian?" he asked mockingly.

In addition to the new look for the green M&M, a fuller purple mascot was added to the group to celebrate Women's Day. Also designations such as "Mr." and "Ms.", sir and madam, were abolished. All the changes were mocked and ridiculed on Carlson's show.

M&M's seems to be tired of discussing the mascots. “Over the past year, we've made some changes to our beloved spokespersons," the company writes. "We weren't sure anyone would notice, and we definitely didn't think the internet would break. But now we get it: Even a candy's shoes can be polarizing. That was the last thing M&M wanted, because we are all about bringing people together.”

Instead of the colourful sweets, comedienne Maya Rudolph will appear in the commercials. Yet the media storm that M&M's had enough of now seems to be blowing from a different direction. LGBT+ people and others who appreciated the changes to the candies accuse the company of having succumbed to "conservative hate campaigns".

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