Hundreds attend funeral of murdered Kenyan LGBT+ activist

Hundreds of Kenyans have said goodbye to murdered LGBT+ activist Edwin Chiloba. His murder sent shockwaves across Kenya as he was found in a metal box by the side of the highway.
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Besides being an activist, Chiloba was a fashion designer and dressed the way he wanted. He paid little attention to gender stereotypes in a country where the law prohibits homosexuality.

Hundreds of people came to the funeral to say goodbye. "No one should die because of someone else's actions, no matter what they did, that's not the kind of punishment anyone deserves," fellow student Sharon Otieno told the BBC.

Chiloba's death is still surrounded by many question marks. Kenyan police have not yet confirmed whether it is a hate crime. It has been confirmed that the activist was stifled, which is his cause of death. Socks were found in Chiloba's mouth.

One of the suspects is Chiloba's partner, the photographer Jacktone Odhiambo. Still, LGBT+ organisations link the murder to the hostile anti-LGBT+ sentiment in the country. In addition, LGBT+ activists are more often killed.

Chiloba experienced homophobic violence in his life. Last July he was attacked by strangers. In an interview with Bold Network Africa, Chiloba outlined what it's like to be queer in his country: "It blocks a lot of my ambition because of the fear of being exposed. This can be a challenge, but any challenge can be overcome. I firmly believe that with the right expression through my art, I can change the way people think. They will then see beyond my sexuality".

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