Erdogan at party congress: "We do not recognise LGBT+"

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan does not recognise LGBT+ individuals. He stated this in a speech at a party congress. The Turkish leader criticises "sneaky attacks aimed at destroying the institution of the family."
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The statements of the Turkish president are part of a trend of increasingly harsh anti-LGBT+ rhetoric by him and his government. "We do not recognise LGBT+," Erdoğan said. "Whoever recognises LGBT+ can go and march with them."

He continued: "We are part of a structure that keeps the institution of the family strong, one that strongly embraces the position of the family. We will expose the roots of sneaky attacks aimed at destroying the institution of the family." Erdoğan calls this "perverse politics."

The situation for LGBT+ individuals in Turkey is deteriorating. Although homosexuality is legal in Turkey, pride parades in the country are hindered and prohibited. President Erdoğan is increasingly using the LGBT+ community as a scapegoat. He promised that the LGBT+ community would not "emerge" in Turkey and described them as "deviants."

The European LGBT+ organisation ILGA expresses increasing concern about the Turkish situation. "LGBT+ activists in Turkey face potential consequences [of their activism], even in their personal lives. But instead of being discouraged by Erdoğan's hostility during the elections and his nine years as president, LGBT+ activists in Turkey have organised a record number of Pride events in the spring and summer."

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