Daughter of Czech president turns against father’s beliefs: “allow same-sex marriage”

The Czech president Miloš Zeman strictly opposes same-sex marriage, but his daughter, Kateřina, has a different opinion. In an interview with the Czech tabloid ‘Blesk’, she publicly defends two of her gay friends who want to marry each other.
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The two friends of the president’s daughter, Thomas and Rodrigo, believe a registered partnership is not enough. They tell Blesk: “The partner doesn’t have any rights. This occurs if we would adopt a child, but also if something happens to me because of my illness.” Thomas suffers from MS, which makes their desire to marry even stronger.

Kateřina studies in London and noticed the differences with Czechia. She told the newspaper that nobody seemed to worry about their sexual orientation. “There, you don’t have to explain who you love and with who you want to spend your life with.” To stand up for her friends, she sought publicity. “I don’t only support this couple. I care about the problem itself. I am a supporter for marriage for all.”

Kateřina’s father is against the possibility for same-sex couples to marry and has said to veto a law legalising same-sex marriage, while the role of the Czech president is mostly ceremonial. Czech same-sex couples are able to get a civil partnership, which has less rights than a marriage. To Blesk, the president’s daughter says she would be happy if her father would support same-sex marriage.

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