69 Nigerians arrested at a same-sex wedding released on bail

In Nigeria, 69 men who were arrested for attending a same-sex wedding ceremony have been released on bail. Despite their release, they are still considered suspects in the case. Amnesty International has described it as a "witch hunt."
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The arrest of these men took place last month in the Nigerian coastal region of Delta. According to the police, a "gay wedding" was taking place in a hotel, something that is not recognised in Nigeria. The police claim to have video footage of the ceremony.

After the arrests, a police spokesperson stated, "We will never tolerate homosexuality. We are in Africa, and we are in Nigeria. We cannot follow the Western world because we do not share the same culture."

Amnesty International has labelled the arrests as "a violation of a range of human rights" and a "witch hunt."

"The law that prohibits same-sex relationships is increasingly being used for intimidation, extortion, and blackmail in [Nigeria]. This is unacceptable."

The lawyer representing the suspects told CNN that he has faced a lot of criticism. "I am shocked," he said. "Some say that I am a gay lawyer, and that's why I am defending them. People look at me with disgust because I am advocating for [the suspects]." 

The police have not provided any updates on the progress of the investigation.

Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, and being a member of an organisation advocating for LGBT+ rights is also prohibited. Those who violate these laws can face up to fourteen years in prison. According to various surveys, more than ninety percent of the Nigerian population does not accept homosexuality.

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