67 Arrested at Illegal Same-Sex Wedding in Nigeria

Nigerian authorities have arrested at least 67 individuals during a wedding ceremony for a gay couple. Same-sex marriage is not recognized in Nigeria, so the gathering was purely ceremonial. Nevertheless, 67 wedding guests are in custody as homosexuality carries a prison sentence of up to fourteen years.
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According to news agencies Al Jazeera and Reuters, the wedding took place in a hotel in the Delta region along the country's coast. At around 2 a.m., the police raided the hotel and apprehended approximately 200 attendees. 67 of them remain detained on suspicion of violating the anti-homosexuality law.

Reuters reported that the tip-off about the wedding came from a cross-dressing individual who had previously been arrested. The police are jubilant about the arrests, declaring, "We will never tolerate homosexuality." A spokesperson expressed satisfaction with catching the wedding in the act, saying, "There is also video footage of them performing the wedding ceremony."

"We are in Africa, and we are in Nigeria," the spokesperson continued. "We cannot follow the Western world because we do not share the same culture." The police are still searching for wedding guests who managed to flee.

Homosexuality is illegal in Nigeria, and membership in a movement advocating for LGBT+ rights is also prohibited. Those found to be in violation of these laws can face up to fourteen years in prison. According to various surveys, over ninety percent of the Nigerian population does not accept homosexuality.

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