War is leading to growing support for LGBT+ rights in Ukraine, even among conservative politicians

The war initiated by Russia in Ukraine seems to have a positive effect on LGBT+ emancipation in the country. LGBT+ activists hope to legalise registered partnerships to support homosexual soldiers. Support for this law is coming from an unexpected corner: conservative politicians see it as a middle finger to Russia.
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Currently, Ukraine does not provide any option for same-sex couples to register their partnerships. In order to bring about change, LGBT+ activists have launched a campaign, highlighting the fact that LGBT+ individuals do not have access to hospitals if their partner is admitted. They also have no rights in the event of death on the battlefield.

The campaign was picked up by progressive parliamentarian Inna Sovsoen, who submitted a bill to legalise same-sex partnerships. Despite the growing acceptance of LGBT+ rights in Ukraine, it is far from certain that her bill would even be considered.

However, support is coming from an unexpected source. Conservative member of parliament Andri Kozjemjakin, head of the parliamentary committee handling the proposal, is found to be supportive of the law. Not so much because he holds a soft spot for the LGBT+ community, but because he wants to support anything that "the enemy hates." "If it will never exist in Russia, it should exist here to show them that we are different. This law is a smile towards Europe and a middle finger to Russia," Kozjemjakin said in parliament, as reported by The Guardian.

Sovsoen called that speech the "most unexpected moment" in her political career. The European liberal party organisation ALDE also recently expressed support for the law during a congress. Sovsoen mentioned on Twitter that she had discussions with the Dutch Minister of Defence Kajsa Ollongren about the needs of LGBT+ soldiers.

However, the future of the law is far from certain. According to The Guardian, the Ukrainian government is not enthusiastic and is trying to avoid the topic. Moreover, LGBT+ acceptance in Ukraine is one of the lowest in Europe.

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