Support LGBTI+ People in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine leaves a deep impression. The images of destroyed buildings, victims and the enormous refugee flow affect us all. The future of the country is extremely uncertain, including the Ukrainian LGBTI+ community. What will happen to them if Russia takes power? Will they be safe?
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Even before the Russian invasion began, it became clear that there is a "death list" with the names of activists. The list also includes names of those who work for equal rights for the LGBTI+ community in Ukraine. It is precisely these courageous activists who have ensured a positive development in the emancipation of LGBTI+ Ukrainians in recent years: Kyiv Pride grew steadily, despite much opposition.

The safety of Ukrainian LGBTI+ people is more uncertain than ever since the Russian invasion. OUTtv has compiled a list of organisations that you can support:


Kyiv Pride

This local organisation is helping the Ukrainian LGBTI+ community directly with means for food and relocation.

Donate here:


Gay Alliance Ukraine

This organisation is running a shelter in Kyiv and needs support for food, supplies, and relocation.

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Gender Z

Based in Zaporizhzhia, Gender Z are inviting donations to help them support community members who have not left and need emergency assistance, such as shelter and basic needs support.

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Lambda Warszaw (Poland)

This organisation is creating a Support Centre where Ukrainians and LGBTI+ Ukrainians will be able to receive information in Ukrainian and Russian on available forms of support in Warsaw, receive direct psychological support and rest in a safe environment.

Donate here:


LGBT Association LIGA

This organisation is organising shelters in Mykolaiv and Odesa and needs funds to cover costs for food, supplies, and relocation for LGBTI people, as well as help with the relocation to the border with Moldova and Romania.

Beneficiary’s bank


Lviv, Ukraine



KBC BANK NV, Brussels, Belgium


UA 81 325365 0000002600801573314


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