Polish Journalist Apologises on TV for 8 Years of LGBT+ Hate

For eight years, the ruling party PiS (Law and Justice) conducted a hate campaign against the LGBT+ community on Polish public television. State broadcaster TVP now acknowledges the damage that has been done. With a trembling voice, a journalist offered an apology live on air.
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The apologies were offered on the program "Guest of the Evening," where LGBT+ activists Bart Staszewski and Maja Heban were guests. Presenter Wojciech Szeląg began the conversation with a few words about how the public broadcaster TVP treated the LGBT+ community.

"For many years in Poland, shameful words have been directed at numerous individuals simply because they choose to determine for themselves who they are and whom they love. LGBT+ individuals are not an ideology, but people. Specific names, faces, relatives and friends. All these people should hear the word sorry somewhere. That is why I apologise."

The apologies were welcomed by the LGBT+ activists at the table as a long-awaited message after years of stigmatisation. Staszewski wrote on Twitter/X: "I was seating there and heard journalist's shaking voice. He made an apology after years of portraying LGBT-people as a threat to Polish nation in the same studio. I was moved.. Apology an important part of reconciliation. This is Poland I want to fight for..."


The changes in the Polish public broadcaster were implemented after an electoral victory by former Prime Minister Donald Tusk. With a coalition of parties, he managed to secure the majority, thus keeping PiS out of government. One of the first actions his government took was to clean up the public broadcaster, which had become a propaganda channel for the ruling PiS party. For years, among other things, anti-LGBT+ messages were spread.

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