More Than a Quarter of Gen Z Americans Identify as LGBT+

According to new research, more than a quarter of American Gen Z-ers identify themselves as LGBT+. This makes Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2010, the most 'pink' generation of all. More American Gen Z-ers now identify as LGBT+ than as 'Republican'.
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Of the adults surveyed by the American Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), 10 percent of Americans identify as gay, bisexual, or 'other'. Among Gen Z adults, that percentage is higher. 28 percent of them identify as LGBT+. 15 percent of Gen Z adults identify as bisexual, five percent as gay, and eight percent have checked 'something else'. Among the 'Boomers', born between 1946 and 1964, only four percent identify as LGBT+. For Generation X (1965-1979), this is seven percent, and for Millennials (1980-1995), 16 percent identify as LGBT+.

The results of the PRRI largely correspond to other research on the sexual and gender identity of different generations. Gallup estimated the number of Gen Z'ers identifying as LGBT+ in 2021 at twenty percent, but noted an increase in this percentage among Gen Z-ers, as part of the coming of age of this generation.

Political consequences

According to LGBT+ organisation Human Rights Campaign (HRC), this will have political consequences in the future. More Gen Z-ers now identify as LGBT+ than as Republican. HRC President Kelley Robinson said in a statement: " Whether it’s at the polls, in marches and rallies, or online, LGBTQ+ visibility matters and Gen Z is a force for change. Thousands of LGBTQ+ young people turn 18 each day -- and lawmakers should understand there will be repercussions [during the elections] in November for anti-LGBTQ+ political attacks."

In conservative states, LGBT+ rights are under pressure. Republican politicians are passing laws denying transgender individuals access to healthcare, removing books on LGBT+ topics from libraries, and making drag queen shows 18+.

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