Hungary is trying to diminish transgender rights during the corona crisis

While all eyes are on a legislation that allows Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to govern without parliamentary intervention, the government has introduced a bill that could end the legal recognition of transgender people.
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The new law only recognizes gender as "the biological sex, based on primary sex characteristics and chromosomes," reports The Guardian. As a result, a trans person would no longer be able to legally change the registered gender.

The European Parliament criticized the new law. D66 MEP Sophie in 't Veld listed the ways in which she believes Orbán  "demolishes democracy." German MEP Terry Reintke (Greens) called Orbán and his party move "shocking, but not surprising." She emphasized that the legal recognition of the gender that someone identifies with is the basis for protecting trans persons in Hungary: "Without access to it, they are widely exposed to discrimination and harassment. This move is nothing short of intentional abuse. "

The law comes at a time when the European Union has been putting a magnifying glass on Hungary's corona-related measures. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán can now rule by decree, without parliament interfering. The new gender law must, however, be passed by parliament first.

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