Homophobes Paint 'Get Out, HIV F*ggots' On Spanish Gay Couple's House

For a gay couple in the Spanish town of Albolote, near Granada, the holidays were disrupted by a cowardly homophobic act. The message "Get out, HIV f*ggots, we don't want you" was spray-painted on their house. LGBT+ organisations blame right-wing parties for the heightened homophobia in the country.
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Javier and his partner were confronted with the homophobic message on their wall one evening. The responsible party is not yet clear, and the couple has filed a report.

"We are not afraid, but every time we come home or go out, we check the wall in case something has happened, or we occasionally look outside to see if we see a stranger."

LGBT+ organisation Granada Visible considers the homophobic act a consequence of increasing homophobia in Spanish society fueled by right-wing politicians. "We strongly condemn these regrettable events, which are a direct result of the hate speech against our community promoted by the far right, both from institutions, the media, and social networks, with the protection or defense of traditional right-wing views." Granada Visible states that the Spanish LGBT+ community "will not take a step back."

The mayor of Albolote condemns the homophobic act. "Such things should have no place in our society," he says to ElDiario.

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