British Man Arrested in Qatar Due to Being Gay, "He Is Being Tortured"

The family of a British-Mexican man is sounding the alarm as he is being held in a cell in Qatar. He is said to have been arrested after being lured into a trap via Grindr. His family fears he is being tortured and that he is not receiving his HIV medication.
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44-year-old Manuel Guerrero Aviña has been detained in a Qatari cell since February 4, but the concern among his family is growing, prompting them to raise the alarm in the media.

Qatari police lured Guerrero Aviña into a trap using the dating app Grindr. The police used a fake profile to lure the man to a location where he was subsequently arrested.

Family members told the British newspaper The Mirror that they are concerned about his health. Qatari authorities are said to be refusing to provide him with HIV medication. Moreover, the Briton is reportedly being tortured.

"During the arrest, police planted a quarter of a gram of methamphetamines on him to incriminate him for the crime of drug possession, and as of today, he remains unjustly imprisoned," his brother told The Mirror.

The family paints a grim picture of Guerrero Aviña's situation. "From the moment of his arrest, he has been the victim of cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment as well as acts of psychological torture. Authorities tried to force him to identify other members of the LGBT community in his phone contacts, as well as forcing him to witness the suffering of other detainees while they were whipped. He has been threatened, isolated, deprived of food, and sufficient water because of his sexual orientation and health condition."

Guerrero Aviña moved to Qatar for work, where he got a job at Qatar Airways. Prior to that, he worked as a manager at British Airways.

The Embassy of the United Kingdom in Qatar told British media that it is aware of the situation and is providing consular assistance to the family.

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