Australian transgender man "threatened with ax" in hospital

Hospital visits are not popular among Australian transgender people, even when they need help, research shows. "We came across patients who needed to update their own doctor's information, care that was refused, and serious abuse," one of the researchers said. One trans patient was even threatened with an ax.
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According to Qnews, the investigation revealed various abuses in Australian hospitals. For example, a female sister was appointed to a trans man who would have said: "you were born a woman, so you better act as a woman".

Another case describes how a trans man was threatened by the family of another patient who resided in the same room. “They said I was a sin & they were going to kill me”, he told the researchers. Ultimately one of the family members came into the room with an ax. The sister would only have said: “you can’t bring that into the hospital”.

Another case in the research describes how a patient would have been undressed without any privacy, after which another visitor took pictures of him. These photos were even put online.

Researcher Lucille Kerr calls the situation opposite Qnews “worrying”. Approximately 41 procent of transgender persons have never visited a hospital, even though they do need help. According to the researcher transgender people deserve the same respect and dignity as other patients, even though this rarely happens: “the medical world needs a lot of training and education”.

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