Terror siblings extorted gay men with bomb threats

In the US state of Alabama, a brother and sister have been arrested for blackmailing and threatening a large number of gay men. They threatened to reveal the sexual orientation of the men and even called in bomb threats to their churches and jobs in an effort to intimidate them. The allegations are based on a "terrorist motive".
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The duo, both in their twenties, threatened the men after getting private photos of them, reports NBC News. They continuously harassed their victims through emails, chat messages and even phone calls, until they paid them substantial sums of money. If they did not, the siblings said they would expose the sexual orientation of the men.

One of the victims had to provide the duo with 2100 dollars. The siblings also called in a false bomb report at a crowded church, where one of the victims was present. They did the same at the University where another victim works. They also called his supervisor, his partner and other colleagues, in an attempt to make his orientation known. They also approached the family of another victim.

According to the authorities, there may be many more victims. According to NBC News, the duo has been active for years.

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