Human Rights Campaign and law firms want to create powerful front against Trump

Six prestigious law firms and LGBT rights organisation Human Rights Campaign (HRC) want to create a powerful front against the anti-LGBT policy and laws of the Donald Trump administration. They also plan to fight against similar laws in the different states.
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As reported by Time Magazine, the HRC is set to be the centre of all the lawsuits. The different parties intend to start a stream of court cases, that will be able to build on each other.

“How many lives can we potentially impact? If we do this work in the way we intend on doing this work, we could actually benefit millions of people,” Human Rights Campaign chief Alphonso David tells the magazine. He calls the operation a “multi-million-dollar investments from the law firms.”

David declined to tell the magazine the specific cases the law firms will initially tackle. He emphasized that the HRC also wants to collaborate with other LGBT-rights organisations.

David also expressed: “I have to believe in our Constitution and I have to believe that when judges take an oath of office that they’re going to uphold the law. We have to fight for our courts and we have to believe in the independence of our judiciary. If we lose belief in our courts, that institution that has been created to protect the marginalized, then we’ve blown a significant hole in our democracy.”

The Trump-administration regularly implements laws and policies that weaken the position of the LGBT community, for example the ban on transgender people in the military. Anti-discrimination laws in education and housing from the Obama-era have also been repealed. 


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