Deaf drag queen slays lip sync on Belgium’s Got Talent – leaves judges speechless

Drag queen Lola McQueen blew the judges of Belgium's Got Talent away when she performed ‘A Million Dreams’ by P!nk. She received a golden buzzer after one of the judges was moved to tears by her performance.
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Lola McQueen was born deaf, but that did not hold her back from chasing her dreams. “Being deaf is an enrichment for me, I would not have it any other way. It maybe sounds weird, but I can say this having been through a lot in my life. I have been bullied and people always told me I couldn’t perform. I have been able to fulfil all my dreams, because I believe people shouldn’t decide what I can do. I am the one who decides that,” McQueen told the judges.

Although being deaf, McQueen is able to lip sync by feeling the vibrations of the music. Her performance left the judges speechless. “This was amazing. I think it was incredible,” judge Stan Van Samang told McQueen.

You can see her stunning performance, with an amazing dress reveal here (her performance starts at 5:40):


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