Coca-Cola gets fined in Hungary for ads depicting same-sex couples

Coca-Cola has received a fine for their advertisements, in which same-sex couples are shown, in Hungary. The posters with slogans as ‘Zero sugar, zero prejudice’ were distributed in the country last summer right before the popular Sziget festival took place.
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The soft drink company has received the fine for its alleged violation of the advertisement law. The complaint, published by, says Coca-Cola would have harmed “the physical, mental, emotional and moral development of children and minors”. The company has to pay 500,000 Hungarian forint, which is around £1,300 / €1,500.


The advertising campaign received tons of criticism from conservatives. An MP called for a boycott of the company, until Coca-Cola removed the posters. A petition against the campaign received over 40,000 signatures. In the end, Coca-Cola replaced the posters for ones with a rainbow flag, emphasizing it had nothing to do with the criticism on the campaign.


Coca-Cola Hungary tells that they are considering further steps against the fine. They expressed that they will continue to believe that all people all equal: “the values ​​we represent are expressed in our advertisements, posts and messages.”


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