USA to play at World Cup with rainbow flag

A rainbow flag will be displayed in the logo of the American Football Association during football matches in Qatar. With the altered logo, Americans want to draw attention to LGBT+ discrimination in Qatar. "When we're on the global stage and in a country like Qatar, it's important to raise awareness of these issues," said coach Gregg Berhalter.
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Qatar has been under fire for some time because of the organization of the World Cup men's football. Among many things, there is fear for the situation of LGBT+ supporters who publicly show affection. Homosexuality is a criminal offense in Qatar.

Although the country previously indicated that everyone would be welcome, a World Cup ambassador called homosexuality a "mental damage". According to Human Rights Watch, LGBT+ people are arbitrarily arrested and detained without trial.

Other countries are also making statements. For example, instead of the rainbow flag, the KNVB opts for a "OneLove" bracelet, which stands for combating "all forms of discrimination". However, that campaign has partly failed after two players refused to wear the bracelet because of religious beliefs.

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