These religious leaders blamed LGBT+-people for the corona crisis

During the time of the corona pandemic, some religious leaders believe they saw a connection between the virus outbreak and the LGBT+-community. While American pastor Rick Wiles quickly blamed transgender children for the pandemic, the Israeli Rabbi Meir Mazu pointed his finger to all the Pride-parades of recent years.
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When the outbreak began in Wuhan, the American pastor Rick Wiles immediately saw this as a punishment from God. Transgender children were blamed, among other things. The pastor predicted a major global plague. While he was right about that, virologists do not seem to think “despicable and vile people” (who live in the US according to the pastor) are the cause of this global epidemic. "Look at the rapes, and the sexual immorality, and the filth on our TVs and our movies,” the pastor said to ‘substantiate’ his views. Safe to say, it has not yet been tested whether the lack of broadcasting ‘filth’ helps prevent the spread of the virus.

Israeli Rabbi Meir Mazu saw the same reasons for the global outbreak. All Pride-parades in the world were deemed as unnatural by the Rabbi: “A parade against nature, and when someone goes against nature, the one who created nature takes revenge on him.” Arab countries, he said, are not experiencing the same intensity of the virus due to the lack of Pride-events in those countries. Though he does claim that Iran is facing an outbreak due to the country’s supposed anti-Israel stance however.

Back to the United States, as conservative internet-pastor Steven Andrew christened the month of March as "LGBT Sin Month,” because of the coronavirus. “God’s love shows it is urgent to repent, because the Bible teaches homosexuals lose their souls and God destroys LGBT societies” According to Andrew, it is God who will protect the U.S. from diseases such as COVID-19. However, health authorities stress that hand washing and social abstinence are the most effective ways to fight the virus, something that applies as much to LGBT+-people as to the rest of the population.

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