Spat on gay couple harassed again in Amsterdam

Over the Easter weekend, a video went viral in which a gay couple was verbally abused and spat on by a group of youngsters. Now Sébas Diekstra, the couple's lawyer, says on Twitter that the two men were harassed again in Amsterdam East on Sunday afternoon and one of them was even physically attacked.
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According to Diekstra, Fabio and Daniel walked hand in hand on the street last Sunday afternoon. The couple then received a series of homophobic comments hurled at them by a group. One of the men was even physically assaulted: the group started kicking him from behind. Diekstra also said that the group fled quickly after the police arrived. However, one person has been stopped by the officers, according to the lawyer.

Diekstra's clients wanted to file a report immediately, but the police said this was not possible because they were too busy. The couple will be able to file a report upcoming Thursday, according to Diekstra.

Less than a month ago, the video went viral in which Fabio and Daniel were verbally abused and spat on. Following the incident, OUTtv spoke to Fabio, in which he candidly talked about the consequences of the incident itself, but also the heart-warming support that he and his fiancé have received since then. OUTtv also spoke to Jan Martijn Stout of the police division Roze in Blauw (Pink in Blue), who shed more light on homophobic incidents and reports in the Netherlands. Read the full article here.

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