President Poland can continue with anti-LGBT agenda after electoral victory

The sitting President of Poland, Andrzesj Duda, has been re-elected with a minimal margin. Now that the majority of the votes have been counted, it appears that the right-wing conservative has obtained 51.2 percent of the votes. Duda is known for his aversion to the LGBT+ community. In the election campaign, he promised to limit the rights of homosexuals.
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His opponent, the liberal Rafal Trzaskowski, obtained 48.8 percent of the vote. The result therefore has the smallest margin ever in Poland.

The LGBT + community had hoped for a victory for Trzaskowski. The Mayor of Warsaw is one of the main advocates of LGBT+ rights in conservative Poland. Unlike the regions that declared themselves "LGBT-free", Trzaskowski, as mayor of the capital, had an opposite policy. He signed an LGBT+ support statement in 2019, promising that the city would commit to fighting discrimination.

Duda, on the other hand, has repeatedly attacked homosexuals. During the election campaign he acted as protector of the "traditional" Polish family values. For example, he called "LGBT + ideology" worse than communism. In addition, Duda wants to limit the adoption rights of homosexuals.

With the victory of Duda, the right-wing conservative party Justice and Justice (PiS) has the opportunity to continue with its policies, which have been widely criticized by the EU. The president has a five-year term of office.

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