Lebanon Pride (again) cancelled due to threats by religious organisations

The organisation of a Pride event in the Lebanese capital Beirut are facing yet another major setback. The concert which was meant to kick off Pride week has been cancelled after pressure from religious institutions, organisers say in a statement on Facebook.
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The location where the opening concert was scheduled to take place, is not capable of hosting the event since they received multiple threats. Beirut Pride writes on Facebook: “Multiple parties issued statements threatening with violence against the theatre and against participants at the concert.” The theatre management also received anonymous threats and were even contacted by the security authorities.

Religious organisations publicly urged for the cancellation of the event. Beirut Pride was, according to them, promoting same-sex marriage. The organisations called the event “debaucherous” and “immoral”.

It isn’t the first time Beirut Pride has been cancelled. Last year's edition was also suspended after one of the organisers was arrested. In July, an appearance of a band with an openly gay frontman on a festival was cancelled, due to the statements made by religious organisations.

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