First Pride Parade in conservative Bosnia

After a slew of disrupted Pride events, such as the ones in Istanbul and the Polish Bialystock, Bosnia had its first parade in the capital Sarajevo. With the protection of over a thousand police officers, around 2000 participants marched through the Bosnian capital.
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An estimated 2000 participants took part in the parade. With their slogan ima izac, roughly translated as “open the door”, the crowd walked 1,5 kilometres. Their march was like any other Pride, complete with pride flags and protest signs. “Today, we say louder than before that we will fight with bravery and dignity for our lives (to be) ... free of fear and violence!” said one of the organizers in a speech.

The significant amount of police officers did not go unnoticed. Officers were present in order to protect the many participants from anti-pride protestors. In the days prior to the event, there were some protests to celebrate “traditional” family values. On the day of Pride itself, an Islamic group organized a counterdemonstration. According to them, the Pride event is a “humiliation” for the city.

In order to prevent harassment or worse, Pride organizers urged participants to refrain from walking home with Pride symbols and paraphernalia. The country is known for being very conservative, with half its population identifying as Muslim and a large segment identifying as Christian. 

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