Billboards in Poland: Love your child, regardless of their identity

“Love me, mom and dad” That is the slogan that has been put up in Warsaw, Wrocław and Poznań. LGBT+ activists, including the Warsaw-based Miłość Nie Wyklucza Foundation, have launched an unusual campaign to give a societal dissent in the conservative country. The campaign is in response to an abundance of anti-abortion- and anti-divorce campaigns in Poland.
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Where these billboards are placed now, there used to be anti-abortion and anti-divorce campaigns in response to a wave of divorces in the country. The activists think a societal dissent is of the upmost importance. “The entire country is flooded with posters and anti-abortion propaganda. We believe that parents should first and foremost love their children unconditionally.” is what the activists write on a fundraising website.

After collecting over 600.000 zloty, the activists were able to replace the billboards with; ‘Love me, mom and dad’ next to the image of a child with a handprint on its cheek and a rainbow bag around the neck. The rest of the donations will be spent on psychological, legal- and other advice for LGBT+ people in Poland .

According to a study of the Miłość Nie Wyklucza Foundation, 88% of fathers and 75% of mothers would not be able to accept their child if they came out as LGBT+ in Poland. This could lead to suicidal thoughts for approximately 70% of those children.

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