Third person cured of HIV?

The second person ever was declared HIV-free earlier this week, twelve years after the first patient. Several days later, it seems that a third patient has been cured of the virus too.
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The New Scientist reported that a third man has been off his medication for three months and is still showing no signs of the virus since undergoing a bone marrow transplant. The patient from Düsseldorf received the transplant for his leukemia. Just like the patient from London, his donor had a rare resistance against HIV. 

Annemarie Wensing of University Medical Center Utrecht in The Netherland announced the results after working with the patient. It should be noted that the doctors who treated the patient are cautious in declaring him completely cured because it is too soon to do so. They have declared the patient ‘functionally cured’. 

HIV-advocates point out that a bone marrow transplant is not a realistic procedure for people who live with HIV. It is a risky procedure which is usually conducted as a last resort for treating people with cancer. People with a genetic mutation that causes a natural resistance against HIV are also extremely rare. Regardless, these cases are an important stepping stone in order to find a cure for the virus. In other news, some scientists announced that we’re not far from a treatment for patients HIV to be injected a few times a year rather than taking daily medication.


(Gay Star News)



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