Russia's new TV show: "Find the gay"

Eight men in a holiday home, one of them is gay. Can the other seven unmask him? That's the format of a new Russian TV show presented by the writer of the gay propaganda law.
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It is a combination between The Mole? and Big Brother, but with a homophobic touch. That is why parliamentarian Vitali Milonov, known for his gay propaganda law, says at the beginning of the program: "I hope you can find him quickly", after which he runs his finger across his throat.

In the intro, three women in lingerie with baseball bats and chains follow Milonov, while footage of a beach scene is shown in which men wearing speedos gawk at a muscular man passing by.

That Milonov is presenting the program is not surprising, since he is known for his homophobia. For example, he wanted to sterilize homosexuals and lock them up in shelters "as we do with cats".

The homosexual in question can also cash in nicely. If the other seven in the house don't discover him, he wins two million roubles. If he is unmasked, the other participants share the amount.

Each episode, the men vote for the person they most suspect of being gay. The contestant with the most votes goes home until the gay person is uncovered.

"Gay people in Russia are like an active McDonalds," says a voiceover. "They are there, but hard to find."

During the game there are activities such as touching a person's buttocks blindfolded and then guessing whether it is a man or a woman. The gentlemen also get a lap dance from a muscular man where they have to make it exaggeratedly clear how revolting they find it.

Want to test your Russian gaydar yourself? The show can be found here:

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