Postponed and cancelled: Pride organisations take precautions during COVID-19 crisis

Over the years, Pride has become a global phenomenon that many look forward to each year. However, due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, it is no surprise that several governments and Pride organizations around the world are taking responsibility and have cancelled or postponed most events. The current situation and appropriate measures have so far resulted more than 100 cancelled and postponed Prides in 2020.
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Pride events in both London and Birmingham were postponed this week. Birmingham Pride, originally scheduled for the weekend of May 23, is now planned to take place in September. London Pride organizers have not yet announced a new date. The Belgian Pride Festival in Brussels has been moved to the end of August. The event, which draws more than 100,000 visitors to the Belgian capital every year, was initially scheduled to take place in May.

While postponing Pride is the responsible choice, there are currently no guarantees as to how the current situation will develop in the coming months. For example, some organizations are taking the decision to cancel Pride completely this year. This decision was taken for events in Malmö and Utrecht, among others.

View a global overview of all cancelled and postponed Prides in the map below:

Earlier this month, several organizations took the risk and allowed certain events to continue (against the advice of various health organizations). One of these was the Winter Party Festival in Miami. It soon became known that at least one person had tested positive for the virus. There are now already nine. "As of Thursday, the 19th, I have been informed directly of 9 people who both attended Winter Party Festival (WPF) and have since tested positive for COVID-19," said Executive Director Rea Carey in a statement to the Miami Herald. “We understand that there are others who have posted online that they were at WPF and are showing possible symptoms or have tested positive for COVID-19.”

David Anzarouth, 25, from Canada was one of the attendees at WPF and experienced the first complaints on his way back home. He eventually tested positive for COVID-19, describing his condition as "the most incredible pain" he has ever experienced. He told his story to the Canadian news platform CBC to inspire others to take the virus more seriously than he did. Anzarouth also stated that he cannot blame anyone and fully understands that he put himself in a situation where he risked his health.

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