More US States Pushing For "Don't Say Gay" Law

After Florida, Ohio and Texas also want to introduce a law banning the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools. Arkansas has already passed such a law. Education on LGBT+ issues is now at the centre of the heated public debate about cultural values in the US.
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Members of state parliaments in both Ohio and Texas have submitted a proposal very similar to the Florida law.

The vice governor in Texas even calls the law a "priority." In this way, he wants to "protect" children from hearing about "adult sex lives," even though, according to the Texas Tribune, the age group to which the law would apply is currently not even getting sex education in school.

Critics in Texas and Ohio fear that teachers will no longer be able to address student responses about the LGBT+ community for fear of being sued by angry parents. Teachers would not even mention that classmates have two parents of the same sex. In Ohio, the Democratic opposition leader calls the law idea a "disgusting" attempt to "legitimize bigotry."

In Arkansas, similar “Don't Say Gay” legislation has been passed in a jiffy, adding an amendment to another controversial bill. A law regulating the toilets trans people can use has been extended to ban the discussion of LGBT+ subjects in primary schools.

Human rights groups fear that these states will not be the last to board the anti-LGBT+ train. Especially with the midterm elections coming up, Republicans will try to kick-start the so-called “culture wars”, discussions about identity and race.

After racism and symbols of the southern states during the civil war, LGBT+ rights are the next front to be discussed. Conservatives denounce the "woke" Democrats who insist that there are multiple gender identities besides "man" and "woman" and are, as some commentators call it, the personal pronoun police. The current laws in Florida, Ohio, Texas and Alabama are one example of this debate.

LGBT+ activists fear a toxic climate in which community rights are slowly being broken down. The status of same-sex marriage is also feared.

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