Largest education union in U.K. wants to make LGBT lessons compulsory in primary schools

The decision comes after parents in Birmingham protested against the No Outside-program, the program that teaches kids about homosexual relationships, in local schools.
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The National Education Union, the largest education association in the United Kingdom, has agreed to campaign for the government to make LGBT + education compulsory in primary and secondary education.

Mary Bousted, a general secretary at the National Education Union, said that schools cannot tackle LGBT + problems if they are unable to talk openly and positively about their place in society, both now and in the past. "Silence about LGBT + people is the wrong approach and feeds homophobic bullying, inequality for LGBT + workers and hate crimes."

According to The Independent, Annette Pryce of the NEU executive said there have been cases where parents mocked LGBT + teachers in WhatsApp groups and said LGBT + teachers are unable to teach. "It is 2019, not 1987. We need to ensure that we send the right message to our members, our government and our schools this time," said Pryce.

High schools are currently expected to include LGBT + information in their lessons, while primary schools can do so if they think this is at the right age.
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