Indonesian law to criminalize homosexuality and S&M

A leaked version of the so-called ‘Family Resilience’ Bill reveals that Indonesian politicians are planning to force LGBT+ people into rehabilitation camps, while also outlawing surrogacy and S&M. Both homosexuality and sadomasochism are categorized as ‘sexual deviations’ under the bill.
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While homosexuality is legal in most of Indonesia, some areas (such as Aceh and the city of Palembang) punish gay sex under Sharia law with flogging. Overall, attitudes towards the LGBT+ community are becoming more hostile, partially due to an increasing amount of people in support of Sharia law.

This sentiment seems apparent in the leaked bill seen by news platform Reuters. According to them, the bill states that anyone involved in homosexual and/or sadomasochistic sex-acts is legally obliged to report themselves to government-sanctioned rehabilitation centres for ‘treatment’. If they do not, the authorities will have the right to take their children away. The draft also states that wives must ‘’take care of household-related matters.’’

As of now, the new bill has gained support from politicians from four Indonesian parties. While it already made its way onto parliament’s priority list for the upcoming four years, discussions with the government are yet to start. So far the bill has been condemned by numerous human rights organizations such as Amnesty International.

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