Gay couple convicted after sexual abuse and drugging of teenage boy

A married couple from Scotland who sexually abused a young boy after giving him cocaine and alcohol are detained. Michael Riley and Jason Millar abused the 13-year-old boy after blackmailing him by claiming they had pictures of him sniffing cocaine from a body to keep him silent to his mother.
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The couple also threatened to tell his mother that he had used both hard drugs and alcohol; they also said that if he told his mother the truth, he would be going into foster care.

According to public prosecutor Martine Snowdon, Riley became friends with the child whose mother believed the couple gave him support and guidance. However, the couple sexually abused the boy between August 2016 and July 2017, involving drugs and alcohol. After the mother told her son not to hang out with them anymore, the details of what was actually happening came to daylight.

At the Liverpool Crown Court trial, Riley (31) was sentenced to ten years and nine months in prison, while Millar (44) was sentenced to nine years in prison. Riley had been serving a 22-month prison sentence for possessing child pornography.
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