French national team refuses support for LGBT+ out of "respect for Qatar culture"

It was intended that several countries would make a statement against "all forms of discrimination". Countries such as Belgium, Sweden, Germany and France have pledged to join the Dutch KNVB in the "OneLove" campaign. The latter country is now withdrawing. French players disagree with the statement.
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"In France we want foreigners to abide by our rules," French captain Hugo Lloris said in a press conference. That is why the French team also wants to "respect" the local culture in Qatar.

Homosexuality is a criminal offense in Qatar. Those found guilty could face up to seven years in prison. But, Human Rights Watch reports, many LGBT+ people are arbitrarily arrested and detained without trial. Reportedly, they are also physically and sexually abused.

The "OneLove" visual uses the symbolism of the LGBT+ movement, but with different colours to differentiate from the rainbow flag and supposedly making it a symbol against "all forms of discrimination".

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