At least four homosexual men caned in Malaysia

Four homosexual men have been caned because they attempted ‘sexual intercourse against the order of nature’. They will also be imprisoned for six months, and will receive a fine. Seven other men are still waiting for a trial. The arrests were made when the men got caught attending the same ‘private party’.
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Human rights activists condemn the caning. "These vicious punishments against LGBT+ people are the actual crimes being committed here,” said Executive Director of Amnesty International Malaysia, Shamini Darshni Kaliemuthu. The organisation calls the caning a “terrible warning” to LGBT+ people in the country.

The men were arrested after the police found out about their discrete party through a chat app. They allegedly stormed the party with fifty officers. The eleven arrested men are being judged by the sharia court. Four of them have already been caned.

Amnesty calls to release the other men immediately, “before they suffer the same unjustifiable treatment.” Darshni Kaliemuthu adds: “Malaysia should be creating an environment in which LGBTI people are free from discrimination, not ensnaring and beating innocent people.”

Malaysia has two legal systems: civil law and sharia law. Homosexuality is illegal in both systems. Last year, two women who allegedly had sexual contact were being caned as well. Seeing the circumstances regarding LGBT+ rights, it comes as no surprise that same-sex marriage is illegal in Malaysia. In June the prime minister said he “didn’t understand” same-sex marriage.

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