Amsterdam: gay man stabbed by a teenager with glass

Another case of homophobic violence in Amsterdam. AT5 reports that on Thursday evening, a gay man in Amsterdam East was stabbed by a teenager with a piece of glass after being verbally harassed. The victim had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.
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The man was sailing in a canoe with his partner. The police informed local news platform AT5 that they were verbally harassed by a group of young people from the side because of their sexual orientation. When the two approached the group to address the situation, the conflict escalated. One of the men was stabbed in his arm with a piece of glass by one of the youngsters.

Although the perpetrators initially ran away, officers were able to arrest three suspects later in the evening. It concerns three teenagers, two of fourteen and one of fifteen years old. They are said to be known to the police for nuisance behaviour. According to AT5, the victims are planning to press charges.

In Amsterdam East, another gay couple was also attacked earlier this month, because they walked hand in hand on the street. They had already been spat in front of a supermarket the month before. Fabio Viana, one of the two victims at the time, then emphasized the importance of reporting the crime in an interview with OUTtv.

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