Homophobic e-mail makes teachers and students leave American school

When the new head of King’s Schools in the American town Shoreline (Washington) decided to emphasize their Christian values, multiple teachers and students decided to leave the school. “King's upholds the historical Biblical standard of morality that sexual expression is confined within the marriage of one man and one woman”, the school wrote in an e-mail sent to parents and teachers.
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In addition, the school also said that they expect staff members to conduct their personal life and professional role of educating the students “in a manner that is not in disunity with our theological beliefs.” The Seattle Times writes that at least five staff members quit their job at the school.

Some parents even pulled their children out of the school. Others started a Facebook group to support LGBT+ students. Within the group page’s description, they express their dissatisfaction with the stance of the administration. “We feel all children and families, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation are God's children and we embrace them with open arms,” they wrote on the page.

One of the resigned teachers, Megan Troutman, tells the Seattle Times: “I cannot, in good faith or conscience, teach in a place that creates policies that negatively impact an entire section of the student population. I could not be complicit in a policy that could harm or ostracize any student.”


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