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Call the OUTtv agents on +44 (0)333 030 1505 to start receiving OUTtv on your SKY box today!

We are delighted to announce that OUTtv, the number one TV-channel in the world for the gay- and openminded, is now available in Ireland and the UK.


What is OUTtv? arrow down

OUTtv is a premium movie channel with LGBTQ+ movies, documentaries and series. Currently being the only channel in the Ireland dedicated to LGBTQ+ programming. OUTtv presents movies with an edgy twist from award-winning titles, through to indie features and acclaimed shorts. OUTtv brings you inspiring documentaries, internationally successful TV programmes including renown LGBTQ+ series, reality shows and gameshows. OUTtv reports from international LGBTQ+ film festivals and other tropical events. ALL programming is exclusive to OUTtv and has never been aired in Ireland before!

Is OUTtv specifically for gay men?  arrow down

Not at all! OUTtv has programs for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, intersexuals and the openminded. In fact, in other countries we see that 40% of OUTtv viewers are straight women.

Where can I watch OUTtv? arrow down

You can watch OUTtv on Sky channel 330! Call the OUTtv agents on this number: +44 333 030 1505

How can I subscribe to OUTtv? arrow down

It will only be possible to subscribe to OUTtv, and to receive OUTtv on your Sky box, by calling the OUTtv agents directly on: +44 333 030 1505

How much does OUTtv cost? arrow down

Sign up from April 1st, for just €11,99 per month! 

We understand your wish for discretion. That is why OUTtv will appear on your statement as DigiBill. You will be billed on the same day each month. 

What is on OUTtv?  arrow down

OUTtv has an extensive database of more than 500 titles in films, series, documentaries and TV shows aimed at the LGBTQ+ community. OUTtv selects films and documentaries based on recommendations from international LGBTQ+ film festivals, meaning we frequently add new titles to our programming.

How can I get in touch with customer service? arrow down

If you have a query about your service or account please call the OUTtv agents directly on: +44 (0)333 030 1070